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In 2007 the Canterbury DHB began its journey to engage the whole Canterbury health system in the 2020 challenge by encouraging people to 'make it better' for the patient or service user.  Over 2,000 people participated in the DHB's six-week Vision 2020 showcase and took the message with them out to the wider health workforce.

Supporting people to stay well, providing care closer to people's home and accelerating the integration of services was the key focus.  Over the past six years this has not only increased our health system's capacity but has improved the continuity of care for patients.

The Planning and Funding Team works collaboratively across the system with a wide range of health professionals and service providers collaboratively redesigning the way we deliver health services, putting the patient at the centre of everything we do, reducing the time people waste waiting and improving outcomes for our population.   

This transformation is driven by empowered clinical leaders and cross-sector alliances that support joint planning across the whole health system, including the large-scale Canterbury Clinical Network District Alliance.

Thanks to the transformation that has taken place over the past six years:

      • Our system is better connected;

      • People receive more care in the community;

      • Our population is making healthier choices;

      • Older people are better supported; and

      • People are waiting less.

Summaries of some of the key projects and services now in place in Canterbury will be available shortly.​

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