Community & Public Health Advisory Committee

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has established the Community and Public Health Advisory Committee (CPHAC).  This Committee was previously combined with the Dis​ability Support Advisory Committee.

Functions of the Committee

The Community and Public Health Advisory Committee has specific aims and functions prescribed within the NZ Health and Disabil​ity Act 2000 (Schedule 4, Clause 2). These apply in addition to these terms of reference. A summary of these functions and aims is set out below.

The functions of the Community and Public Health Advisory Committee, with respect to Community and Public Health, are to provide advice and recommendations to the Board of the Canterbury District Health Board on:

  • the health needs of the resident population of the Canterbury District Health Board; and

  • any factors that the Committee believes may adversely affect the health status of the resident population; and

  • the priorities for the use of the health funding available

Community and P​ublic ​​​Health  Advisory Committee Members

The Board appoints members to the Committee. The Committee comprises both board members and members of the public and has a statutory governance.​

​Members of the public are welcome to attend any meeting, subject only to the right of the Board or Committees to exclude the public from certain items of business, such as those that deal with matters of privacy or commercial sensitivity. Copies of the agenda and associated reports are made available at public meetings.​​

Terms ​of Reference

The terms of reference for the Community and Public Health Advisory Committee as adopted on 18 September 2014 are below. 

 CPHAC Terms of reference - 18 September 2014


Meeting Dates, Agenda Papers and Minutes for 2017

​​​​2 March 2017 Agenda

​​4 May 2017

​​​6 July 2017

​​​​​7 September 2017​​​

2 November 2017

Archive: Mi​​​nutes, Agendas and Papers for 201​6

​​​​3 March 2016 Agenda

​​5 May 2016 Agenda

​​​30 June 2016 Agenda

1 September 2016 Agenda

​​3 November 2016 Agenda.pdf 

If you wish to view minutes from earlier years, please contact Anna Craw, Board Secretary -

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