Quality, Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

​​The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) has established the Quality, Finance, Audit and Risk Committee (QFARC).  The role of this Committee is to provide the Board with an assessment of the financial performance, risk and management controls of the organisation. It also provides Board members with an oversight of the robustness of the financial component of the Annual Plan, Statement of Intent and Strategic Plan and provides oversight and monitoring of some major projects.

The Committee will also analyse reports made to it, and make recommendations based on this advice to the Board.


Quality, Finance, Audit and Risk Committee Members

The Board appoints members to the Committee. The Committee can comprise both Board members and members of the public. Its focus is on strong governance oversight of the financial health of the Canterbury DHB.


Terms of Reference

QFARC Terms of Reference (Approved by Board 16 March 2017)
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