System Level Measures Improvement Plan

​The System Level Measures Improvement Plan demonstrates the Canterbury Health System's commitment to improving the health outcomes of our population and our quality of service delivery.

System Level Measures (SLMs) are high level inspirational goals for the health system that align with the five strategic themes of the New Zealand Health Strategy and other national strategic priorities such as Better Public Services targets.

The SLMs and their contributory measures provide the Canterbury Health System with the opportunity to address key health outcomes for our population and focus on our local priorities. This Improvement Plan has been developed in response to the Ministry of Health's requirements for implementing the System Level Measures Framework. The new measures align with the Canterbury Outcomes Framework, are based on analysis of local trends and considered appropriate to the needs and priorities of our unique Canterbury population.

The Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) led the development of this Improvement Plan, bringing together partners from across the system into the discussion and co-design. CCN's clinically-led Workstreams and Service Level Alliances, alongside a number of specialist work groups, will be the vehicles for driving improvement against these measures.

More information: 

Current System Level Measures Framework

Canterbury System Level Measures Improvement Plan 2018-2019 (PDF, 2MB)

Previous System Level Measures Framework

Canterbury System Level Measures Improvement Plan 2017-2018

System Level Measures Improvement Plan
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