OIA Responses

​​​​​Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) proactively publish responses to Official Information Act (OIA) requests on this page after sending the response to each requestor. ​

Responses detail the information being released and explain what information, if any, has been withheld and under which grounds of the OIA. The requestor's name and address are removed from all responses published ​on this website.

Batches of OIA request responses will typically be published every month.

Recent responses

Responses to official information requests are listed below in release date order. ​

CDHB 9868 - ACC Accredited Employer Audit reports 2013-2017

ACC Accredited Employer Audit reports 2013-2017

CDHB 9872 - Car Parking - Deans Avenue

Correspondence between CDHB and Alan Edge and Neowell Investments re Deans Avenue Car Park from 1 January 2018 to 11 June 2018.

CDHB 9876 - MethCon

Has Canterbury DHB contracted MethCon over the past two years?

CDHB 9879 - Thompson and Clark Private Investigations

All information relating to Thompson and Clark Private Investigations 2014-2018

Page last reviewed: 06 July 2018
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