These procedures are the standards expected when handling Cytotoxic or Biotherapy for all staff within the CDHB catchment area. Any staff involved in Cytotoxic or Biotherapy management should be familiar with all procedures.

They will be reviewed regularly by the Canterbury Regional Cancer and Haematology Service Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Educator.

If you have any queries please contact one of us through the Christchurch Hospital operators.


Warm Compress Procedure

Administration of Cytotoxic Drugs as an IV Bolus

Administration of Cytotoxic Drugs as a continuous IV Infusion

Administering Oral Cytotoxic Medication

Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Administration of Cytotoxic Medication

Peripheral Administration of Vinca Alkaloids

Peripheral and CVAD Administration of Cytotoxic Medication

Subcutaneous Administration of Cytotoxic Medication using the Air Sandwich Technique 

Azacitidine Resuspension Guideline


Extravasation Procedure

Extravasation Flowchart

Flare Reaction

Flare Reaction Procedure

Spill Management

Cytotoxic spill kits are no longer available from Christchurch Hospital Pharmacy. Every area administering any cytotoxic medication should have a spill kit on hand. Spill kits may be obtained from the BMTU, Ward 26, Haematology Dayward or Oncology Dayward. These kits are now fully disposable.

Spill Management Procedure

Spill Management Flowchart

The cytotoxic spill kit label is available for order from Medical Illustrations.

Cytotoxic Spill Kit Label


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Page last reviewed: 22 September 2015
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