DEU Student Roles & Responsibilities

The student, in conjunction with CLN, ALN and DEU staff will identify ongoing learning needs, strategies for meeting these needs and continually evaluate their progress towards achieving goals.

In particular the student is expected to:

  • Take responsibility for their learning.

  • Establish a working relationship with the clinical team.

  • Self-monitor progress toward achievement of the competencies for  Registered Nurse scope of practice (New Zealand Nursing Council, 2007) and Enrolled Nursing Scope of Practice (New Zealand Nursing Council, 2010).

  • Obtain feedback from CLN, ALN and DEU staff.

  • Maintain communication with DEU staff regarding the patients'/clients health status.

  • Provide care consistent with the learning outcomes as outlined in the respective course booklets.

  • Be accountable to the RN for the care provided.

  • Immediately contact CLN/ALN In the event of a 'critical incident' occurring.

  • Participate in the evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the DEU practice area with respect to student learning outcomes.

  • Be involved in collaborative research and quality activities as appropriate.

  • Participate in peer teaching/learning through discussion, skill practice and reflection. There is no onus on either student to teach; instead the relationship is collegial where learning occurs opportunistically.

  • Practice the skills of direction and delegation as appropriate.

If students are unable to attend any scheduled shifts (prior to shift commencement), they are responsible for contacting the DEU practice area, the ALN and the Department of Nursing & Human Services reception. If a student is unwell for three or more consecutive days a medical or counselling certificate must be produced to explain the absence (Bachelor of Nursing student handbook, 2016). This should be lodged with the ALN.

Students must complete a CPIT MRSA Declaration form to establish whether they need to be re-screened prior to commencing each clinical placement (Clinical Practice Handbook, 2016).

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. (2010). Bachelor of Nursing: Student Handbook. Christchurch, New Zealand: Author.

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. (2010). Bachelor of Nursing: Clinical Practice Handbook. Christchurch, New Zealand: Author.​


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