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ABC Smoke Free Self Learning Programme

ABC Smoke Free Self Learning Programme

ABC Smoke Free Self Learning Programme is an internet-based e-learning tool to educate staff about how to deliver the ABC Strategy for Smoking Cessation. The module takes only 30 minutes to complete, is user-friendly and provides practical information about how health professionals can easily:

  • Ask all patients if they smoke

  • Provide brief advice to quit to all smokers

  • Offer cessation support

    Smoking status and cessation support should be documented on form C120001.

    By completing the e-learning module, nurses and other health professionals will be authorised to provide Quitcards to patients at discharge. Quitcards are redeemed for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).  This is an effective aid to support people who want to quit smoking for a small cost, available at community pharmacies. Health professionals with prescribing rights can also write prescriptions for NRT, Zyban (subsidised) and Champix (not subsidised).

    The e-learning tool encourages health professionals to 'ask (patients) about the elephant' because 'smoking is too big to ignore'. The elephant metaphor represents an obvious truth that is being ignored or left unaddressed, with the elephant, in this case, being smoking.


Additional Resources

The Smoke free Nurses website pulls together practical information so that staff have a one-stop shop to help deliver effective smoking cessation interventions.




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Page last reviewed: 02 October 2013
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