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The Self Directed Learning Package covers the core elements of urinary catheterisation and catheter care and can be used in all clinical settings.

Before commencing the SDLP discuss with your Educator/Manager which pathway most suits your area of work.

Who can apply?

Healthcare professionals involved in caring for patients who either require catheterisation or require catheter care. 

Aims and objectives

  • Be able to provide necessary information and ensure patient safety.

  • Communicate with the patient in a way which reduces anxiety.

  • Understand the rationale for catheterisation.

  • Understanding the importance of aseptic technique and infection prevention.

  • Be able to identify potential problems when performing catheterisation and remedial action to be taken.

  • Discuss catheter care principles and maintenance.

  • Understand the rationale for the decision to remove an indwelling catheter.

  • Be aware of the comprehensive documentation relating to the procedure of catheterisation.


Female catheterisation and existing healthcare professionals competent in male catheterisation.

This SDLP is NOT compulsory to perform female catheterisation although it can however be used for your professional development.

Healthcare professionals who are currenty competent at male catheterisation may wish to complete the workbook for their own professional development.

  • Complete the SDLP and answer the questions

  • Present answered questions to your Educator or equivalent

  • 1.5 hours professional development awarded by your educator or equivalent on completion of questions

  • Retain all documentation for your own personal files DO NOT return to Clinical Skills Unit.

Male Catheterisation

To be able to perform male catheterisation completion of the SDLP is mandatory.

  • Complete the SDLP and answer the questions.

  • Register for a workshop place.  Please email,

  • Bring the workbook with you to the workshop.

  • Workshop (0900-1200hrs) review of questions and lab practicum.

  • Clinical practice and completion of 4 observed male catheterisation procedures.

  • 6 hours professional development time awarded by educator or equivalent.

  • Retain all documentation for your own personal files DO NOT return to Clinical Skills Unit.

Self Learning Package

LEARNING PACKAGE Catheterisation.pdf

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