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Epidural Self Learning Package

If you are working in an area in which you will be using epidurals it is expected that you read the Epidural Self Learning Package and then attend the eight hour Epidural/PCA study day.

The Epidural/PCA study day is run three times a year.  Bookings can be made by email to the Professional Development Unit, or phone 3640 646 or internally ext. 80646.

Assessment Criteria

For a RN to be successful the RN must:

  • Read the Canterbury DHB, Christchurch Hospital Policy document Volume 12 Fluid and Medication Manual Epidural Standard - Post Operative Patients.
  • Attend the epidural study day and
  • Attain a 100% pass in the multiple choice test on competence related to management of Epidural Infusions.

Self Learning Package

LEARNING PACKAGE Epidural 2012.pdf

TEST Epidural Self Learning Package.pdf

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