Level One Peripheral IV Therapy Competency Workshop

Aims/Purpose:​The aim of the blended course is to provide the resources and access to knowledge for Nursing and Midwifery staff to attain their Level 1 IV Competency as required by the CDHB (Section 1.7 Roles and Responsibilities Policy, Vol 12, Fluid and Medication Manual)
  • ​Process of attaining the Level 1 IV Competency
  • Medication safety principles
  • Medication administration policies
  • Infection control principles related to medication administration
  • Safe IV Therapy administration
  • Safe administration of blood and blood products
DateRun as part of Nursing/Midwifery Orientation every two weeks. Dates for Orientation

Professional Development Unit
5th floor
Christchurch Hospital​


3hrs direct contact (1300-1630)
3hrs self directed learning (Online and Clinical area).

Contact Person

​To register email pdu@cdhb.health.nz

All enquiries:
Neil Hellewell, Nurse Educator, PDU, ext 81576
Rachel Marshall, Nurse Educator, Burwood ext 99429
Dinesh Lal, Nurse Educator, Princess Margaret Hospital ext 66274.

Target Audience​Registered Nurses, Transitioned Enrolled Nurses and Midwives.

​Practice Calculations Worksheet (to be brought to the class session).
Current Practising Certificate
To be working in an area that undertakes Peripheral Intravenous Therapy.

Links to CDHB/MOH initiatives​To provide best evidenced professional development to enhance consumer based care (CDHB Quality Strategic Plan).


Pre-Reading     PRACTICE TEST Clinical Calculations.pdf (bring to session)

Handouts          HANDOUT Level One IV Orientation Presentation.pdf

Additional Resources SELF LEARNING Clinical Calculations Package.pdf

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