IV Link Audit Tools

Please familiarise yourself with the tool, policies, procedures and checking procedure before attempting an audit. It will take time for you to get used to auditing. To assist you please feel free to review the presentation below on the audit process to help guide your practice.  

DHB staff - please use the audit tools that are located in your clinical area. If you are unable to locate your audit tools, please contact Robyn Cumings Robyn.Cumings@cdhb.health.nz to have them reloaded.


Clinical Practice Observations IV Link Staff October 2014 

IV Link Staff Instructions for Auditors

IV Link Processes Quality Improvement Map

IV link Audit Results Spreadsheet


IV Clinical Practice Observation (CPO) Audit Tools

INSTRUCTIONS - Checking Procedure 2014-2016.docx

AUDIT TOOL - Checking Procedure 2014-2016.docx

RESULTS - Checking Procedure Audit 2014-2016.xlsx


CVAD CPO Audit Tools

INSTRUCTIONS - CVAD audit 2015-2016.docx

AUDIT TOOL - CVAD audit 2015-2016.docx

Results - CVAD - July 2015 onwards.xlsx


Peripheral IV CPO Audit Tools

Peripheral cannula CPO Audits INSTRUCTIONS 2015-2016.docx

Peripheral Cannula AUDIT TOOL 2015-2016.docx

Results - Peripheral IV - July 2015 onwards.xlsx

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