Appeals Process

If an applicant is advised that they have not successfully completed the programme they have the right to appeal this decision.  An appeal must be submitted within seven working days of notification that the application was unsuccessful.

On receipt of the appeal notification form Appeal form, the QLP co-ordinator will make arrangements for two new assessments to take place. The new assessors will not be told of the original outcome. If the outcome is still unsuccessful, and the applicant still wishes to appeal the decision, an appeals panel will be called.  The appeals panel will assess the documented evidence, interview the applicant and the QLP assessors.  The applicant may choose to bring a support person to the interview.

On completion of the appeal, a written report outlining recommendations will be sent to the applicant with copies to the original assessors.  The applicant should receive this report within seven working days.

The decision of the appeals panel is final and binding.​

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Page last reviewed: 05 September 2013
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