Assessment Process

On receipt of the application, the applicant is asked to complete a midwiferyconsent form. Please download and complete this separate consent form.

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The QLP co-ordinator will allocate a QLP assessor(s) to assess the portfolio.

The assessment process should be completed within eight weeks of receipt of the application.

QLP assessors may contact the applicant for further details or clarification during the assessment.  Feedback will be given to the applicant verbally and will also be formally documented as "assessor's comments" on the evidence sheet returned with the portfolio to the applicant.

Mutually convenient times will be set for leadership level applicants to meet with their assessors.  Discussion questions will be sent out seven working days prior to the meeting date.  A summary of the discussion process is included with the interview questions and will be sent to the applicant.  Applicants for confident level can request a meeting with their assessor(s) if they wish.

If the assessor(s) deems the applicant has met the criteria for the set level, the portfolio is given to the QLP co-ordinator and they in turn will contact the applicant directly with notification of successful completion of the programme. A letter is mailed to the applicant, along with a certificate showing the level achieved and expiration date (three years after the application date).

NB: At leadership level, the applicant can choose to uplift their portfolio from the QLP office before their interview, however, the portfolio will need to be returned just prior to the interview so that final documentation can be completed.​


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Page last reviewed: 13 March 2015
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