The Department of Intensive Care, Christchurch Hospital is a 24 bed Tertiary Intensive Care Facility that provides tertiary care for the greater South Island.  The Department admits approx 1250 patients with an average length of stay of 3 – 4 days.



777 & SAY "Critical Care Stat Please"

An emergency page (several fast beeps) will be sent to all Registrar bleeps, the ACNM page and the outreach nursing page. The page will read “critical care stat please”.

Action at that stage:

  • Day Reg 1 and AT1 should report immediately to ICU North pod
  • Day Reg 2 and AT2 to ICU South pod
  • If there is clearly not an emergency in the area that you are in, please attend the alternative unit to provide back up.
  • Outreach registrar / nurse / ACNM:  during work hours, continue your clinical work, if after hours or understaffed, please return to ICU North/ ICU South to provide back up.​



Clinical Director

Dr Seton Henderson
Ext:  89367 


Supervisor of Training

Dr Louise Hitchings
Ext:  86321


BASIC Course Convenor

Dr Louise Hitchings
Ext:  86496


Intensive Care Specialists

 Medical Officers

  • Dr Jessica Roberts
    Ext:  88378


Clinical Nurse Manager


Associate Clinical Nurse Managers:

Extension:  81451, Pager:  8888

  • Sue Davies
  • Mick Halpin
  • Julie Murphy
  • Libby O'Sullivan
  • Garry Robinson
  • Jenny Sykes
  • Lesley Whyte

 Nurse Educators

  • Helen Tregenza
    Ext:  88378
    Pager:  7053
  • Miles Peters
    Ext:  80002
    Pager:  7053

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Outreach Service

  • Tania Fowler
  • Ext:89372, Pager:  8073



Jan Mehrtens
Ext:  89596

  • Emmeline Minto, Ext:  89596
  • Anna Morris, Ext:  89596
  • Kim Parker, Ext: 89596


Ext:  89398, Pager:  8810 & 8311

  • Charge Technologist

    •  Jane Carter-Scofield

  • Technologist Educator

    •  Anna Turner

  • Technologists

    • Anna Turner

    • Ian Dampier

    • Emma-Kate Heaphy

    • Jonny Leppard

    • Ryan Maynard



    Allied Health

    • Pharmacist

      Claire Gow
      Ext:  80840
      Pager:  8435

    • Dietician

      Sandy Clemett
      Pager:  8300

    • Social Worker

      Jude Kelly
      Pager:  8684

    • Link Nurse Organ Donation

      Diane Stevenson
      Ext:  89375



    Page last reviewed: 10 February 2017
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