Registered Nurses on a NetP Programme will have preceptor support for the duration of the programme. Preceptors are experienced Registered Nurses who have undertaken relevant Preceptor training. They will work closely with the NetP Registered Nurse to assist them with the application of knowledge, clinical reasoning and skill development providing constructive feedback, and facilitating critical and reflective practice to enable further practice development.  

The preceptor role is pivotal in guiding the NetP Registered Nurse throughout the clinical placements during the programme and they must have regular and consistent access to the graduate nurse during clinical practice, especially during the clinical load sharing period. A primary preceptor must be identified for each new graduate nurse to ensure accountability and for negotiating and evaluating learning outcomes as well as coordination of formal feedback to the new graduate nurse as required during the NetP programme.

 Graduate Registered Nurses will share a clinical load with their preceptor/s up to a total of six weeks during the NetP Programme.  Some workplaces may have a longer clinical load sharing time.

The assigned preceptor will carry out performance appraisals for the NetP Registered Nurse in conjunction with the graduate and the service manager.

Preceptors working with NetP Registered Nurses are required to meet the following criteria:

  • A current annual practising certificate in the RN scope of practice

  • Registration with NCNZ

  • Successfully completed a preceptor training programme

  • Demonstrated commitment and willingness to support and encourage a graduate nurse through their role as a preceptor

  • Knowledge of the NetP programme Learning Framework and PDRP requirements

  • Experience within the clinical area where they are providing preceptorship

  • An ability to apply the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and cultural safety to nursing practice

  • Evidence of positive role modelling

  • A commitment to provide feedback to the graduate nurse and receive feedback on their performance as a preceptor

  • Facilitate learning and education

  • Support NetP programme outcomes

  • Provide appropriate management strategies, skills and confidence to support cultural identity and integrity as Māori.

Preceptorship Training Requirements

For all bookings please email or phone 80646

As a NetP preceptor it is a requirement (as per the National NETP Specifications) that the preceptor undertakes training for this role, and  provide evidence of 16 hours preceptorship education.

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Page last reviewed: 07 April 2016
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