Nursing Entry to Practice Programme (NetP)

​New Zealand's Nursing Entry to Practice Programme (NetP) enables nursing graduates to begin their careers well-supported, safe, skilled and confident in their clinical practice, equipped for further learning and professional development, meeting the needs of health and disability support service users and employers.

NetP builds a sustainable pathway for the New Zealand registered nurse workforce into the future.

The Canterbury and West Coast District Health Boards Regional NetP Team and partners ensure our programme fulfils these objectives.

Nursing Graduates February 2017 intake

Canterbury District Health Board warmly welcomes new graduates to apply for the Nursing Entry to Practice Programme (NetP) or the New Entry to Speciality Practice Mental Health and Addiction Nursing Programme (NESP),​  via the Nursing ACE Kiwi Health Jobs webpage at:

Nursing ACE Kiwi Health Jobs

At this site you will be able to apply online and access comprehensive information to help you through the application process. 

At the Canterbury Region NetP / NESP and community/primary areas you will be working with experienced, educated and qualified nurses who will support you in your first year of practice.

Canterbury offers new graduate nurses a structured 12 month programme. Most of our contracts are permanent with some of the community/primary providers offering fixed term contracts.

The CDHB NetP has approximately 75 positions for the hospital graduates and partners.  We will also take 12 to15 NESP graduates for the 2017 NESP programme. Please note that vacancy numbers in total or for specific departments have not yet been confirmed and may in fact increase. Assessment Centres will commence on 6th October and will continue in the week of 10th October 2016.

West Coast District Health Board commences their intake on 13th February 2017 and will be taking new graduates for this intake. Potential positions that may be offered as part of the WCDHB's 2017 first intake include:

  • General Medicine

  • General Surgery

  • Health of the Older Person (within the DHB)

  • NESP

WCDHB will interview with Canterbury for the February 2017 intake as their graduates often select both sites and we use the same recruiters who work across both DHBs.

In the below table you will see some historical data showing how many Nursing graduates we have previously employed.

Historical number of graduates employed into NETP/NESP in the Canterbury Region:


Intake​# Graduates employed


​2016 - September

​​NETP - 69
NESP - ​13

​2016 - January

​​NETP - 82
NESP - ​19

2015 - September​NETP - 64
NESP - 15​
2015 - January​NETP - 92
NESP - 28​
2014 - September​NETP - 74
NESP - 12​
2014 - JanuaryNETP - 69
NESP - 31
2013 - SeptemberNETP – 66
NESP - 11
2013 - JanuaryNETP - 73
NESP - 23
2012 - SeptemberNETP - 65
NESP - 15
2012 - JanuaryNETP - 54
NESP - 22
2011 - SeptemberNETP - 48
NESP - 8
​2011 - JanuaryNETP - 57
NESP - 15

Please find attached an information sheet  on the clinical placement areas offered. NETP_faqs_update_July-2016.pdf

NetP does not include mental health nursing. For information on NESP, the specialty programme for first year of practice in mental health nursing, please contact Gail Houston by email at:

Our regional NETP partners are:

To view their websites, click on their image.


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