After the Assessment is Completed

​If the assessor deems the applicant has met the criteria for the set level, the portfolio is given to the Nurse Coordinator - PDRP and he/she will contact the applicant directly with notification of successful completion of the programme. A letter is mailed to the applicant, along with a certificate showing the level achieved and expiration date (three years after the application date).

At Expert and Accomplished levels, the applicant may choose to have their portfolio returned to them before their Expert/Accomplished Level Practice Discussion, however, it will need to be returned just prior to the date set so that final documentation can be completed. A copy of the practice discussion record will be sent to the applicant after 7 working days.

If, at the end of the assessment process, the nurse has not yet met the criteria for the level being applied for, there are three options:

  • The applicant may accept the decision.

  • The applicant can agree to work on the areas needing more evidence and resubmit their portfolio. If resubmission occurs within 8 weeks of the initial submission date, the original application date will stand. If resubmission is more than 8 weeks after the original application date, the date the resubmission was received will become the new application date.

  • The applicant may disagree with the outcome and choose to appeal the decision.

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Page last reviewed: 12 August 2016
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