Re-submission Process

​​The process for resubmission at the end of the three year PDRP period is the same as for the initial portfolio submission at this time, with the exception of the Expert/Accomplished Level Practice Discussion not being required. Nurses resubmitting portfolios do not need to submit their portfolio at the set monthly intake; they may submit their portfolio at any time.

Unfortunately it is not possible for the PDRP to grant extensions to expiry dates as Nursing Council requirements state assessment against the competencies must take place every three years for nurses. Consequently this also applies to nurses going on parental or extended leave over their 3 yearly expiration date.

If you resubmit your portfolio prior to or on your expiration date, there should be no interruption in your level of practice payment. Only if the expiration date comes and goes without resubmission will the PDRP payment be removed. If the nurse submits their portfolio before or on their three year anniversary date, there will be no interruption to any salary increase that may be associated with their PDRP level.​

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Page last reviewed: 25 September 2013
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