The PDRP Application Process

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The PDRP assessment process is intended to be a positive experience, a time when each applicant’s contribution to nursing practice and professional development is recognised and celebrated. Interested nurses should read the criteria for each level carefully and decide at what level they can currently demonstrate achievement. 

It may take up to three months to prepare your application, depending on how much evidence you already have gathered in your portfolio. PDRP Resource people can support you in the preparation of your application.

For external sites, contact your PDRP Coordinator who can put you in contact with a PDRP Resource person, or for CDHB, the list below can put you in contact with a PDRP Resource Person in your area.  ​​

To complete the process you will need to read the PDRP guidelines and complete the PDRP forms.

Portfolio Assessment Process

Nurses wanting to submit their portfolios should review the guidelines and checklists to determine which level they will submit under. Check on your organisation's website or with your PDRP Coordinator to see when submissions are accepted. 

It can take up to three months to gather the necessary evidence to submit your portfolio. A good way of laying the portfolio out is to follow the checklist (at the front of the guidelines for each level) and arrange the evidence according to the checklist.

When you are ready to submit, download an application consent form (below) with the list of current assessors from your organisation. Cross off any assessor you do not wish to assess your portfolio; applicants are asked to delete the name of assessors who work in the same clinical area, or who are friends, relatives, etc. to ensure the assessment is fair and objective.  

The PDRP Coordinator will allocate PDRP assessor(s) from those remaining on the list.  Portfolios are assessed by one or more assessors for levels Competent and Proficient, and two or more assessors at levels Accomplished and Expert.

Application Consent Form

To download word files: Right-mouse click on the word document link, Select "Save target as" OR "Save link as" in the right-click menu, and then Click the "Save" button to download the document to your computer.​

PDRP Applicant Consent Form 2018

The assessment process should be completed within 10 weeks of receipt of the application. PDRP Assessors may contact the applicant for further details or clarification during the assessment. Should further evidence be required, this timeframe may be extended.  PDRP Assessors, after seeking permission from the applicant, may consult with appropriate clinical staff in relation to area specific clinical issues and will document accordingly.

Feedback will be given to the applicant verbally and will also be formally documented as "assessor's comments" on the evidence sheet returned with the portfolio to the applicant. Mutually convenient times will be set for Expert/Accomplished level Practice Discussions. Questions for this discussion will be sent out 7 working days prior to the set date. 

Please find below a summary of the Expert/Accomplished practice level discussion process which is included with the questions sent out. Applicants for the Proficient level may request a practice discussion with their assessor(s) if they wish.

Expert Accomplished discussion summary

After the Assessment is complete

If the assessor deems the applicant has met the criteria for the set level, the portfolio is given to the Nurse Coordinator - PDRP and he/she will contact the applicant directly with notification of successful completion of the programme. A letter is mailed to the applicant, along with a certificate showing the level achieved and expiration date (three years after the application date). 

At Expert and Accomplished levels, the applicant may choose to have their portfolio returned to them before their Expert/Accomplished Level Practice Discussion, however, it will need to be returned just prior to the date set so that final documentation can be completed. A copy of the practice discussion record will be sent to the applicant after 7 working days.

If, at the end of the assessment process, the nurse has not yet met the criteria for the level being applied for, there are three options:

  • The applicant may accept the decision.

  • The applicant can agree to work on the areas needing more evidence and resubmit their portfolio. If resubmission occurs within 8 weeks of the initial submission date, the original application date will stand. If resubmission is more than 8 weeks after the original application date, the date the resubmission was received will become the new application date.

  • The applicant may disagree with the outcome and choose to appeal the decision.

Resubmission Process

The process for resubmission at the end of the three year PDRP period is the same as for the initial portfolio submission at this time, with the exception of the Expert/Accomplished Level Practice Discussion not being required. Nurses resubmitting portfolios do not need to submit their portfolio at the set monthly intake; they may submit their portfolio at any time.

Unfortunately it is not possible for the PDRP to grant extensions to expiry dates as Nursing Council requirements state assessment against the competencies must take place every three years for nurses. Consequently this also applies to nurses going on parental or extended leave over their 3 yearly expiration date.

If you resubmit your portfolio prior to or on your expiration date, there should be no interruption in your level of practice payment. Only if the expiration date comes and goes without resubmission will the PDRP payment be removed. If the nurse submits their portfolio before or on their three year anniversary date, there will be no interruption to any salary increase that may be associated with their PDRP level.

Portfolio Su​​bmission Dat​es


  • 5th February 

  • 5th March 

  • 3rd April 

  • 1st May 

  • 5th June 

  • 2nd July 

  • 6th August 

  • 3rd September (Bookings only *new applicants* - email

  • 10th October (Bookings only  *new applicants* - email

  • 5th ​November (Bookings only  *new applicants*​ - email

  • December (No Submissions) - Only Resubmissions

NOTE: If you are currently not on PDRP and if you are wanting to submit a portfolio in the final three submission dates of the year, you must make a booking with the PDRP office. This should be done a few months in advance to avoid disappointment. To do this, please contact the PDRP office or email

Bookings are only required for new applicants only. Resubmissions or submissions at a higher level DO NOT require a booking. You can resubmit at a higher level at any time of the year, you do not have to wait for your anniversary date or a PDRP submission date.

​Portfolios can be dropped off to the PDRP office portfolio dropbox which is situated on Level 1, 32 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch just outside the lifts or sent by internal mail. If your portfolio is sent through the mail, the PDRP office does not acknowledge receipt of this.

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