​​Research Project Supported by the PDRP Office

Is your portfolio currently in at the PDRP office or are you about to submit a PDRP portfolio? Are you interested in being involved in nursing research?

The PDRP Advisory Committee supports the research project that Phil Patira is engaging in for his Postgraduate Masters of Health Science.

What is this project about? This research project will identify nurse’s engagement, degree of clinical activity and application to Nursing Council of New Zealand competency 1.2 that provides evidence of patient care and partnership to help improve health outcomes for Maori.

What is involved? You will need to give consent and the consent form can be found on the PDRP website under ‘research project’. Once your portfolio has been assessed as per usual process and with your permission, Phil will have a review at the portfolio on site for evidence that supports his research. This will be completed within a week of the portfolio being marked as successful in order to ensure its timely return to you. You will need to sign a consent form which is located on the PDRP website under ‘research project’.

What information will be collected? Relevant data – which includes broader demographic facts like the participant’s gender, age, ethnicity, and years of post-graduate clinical experience, are transcribed, and, coded, from which a matrix can be developed to interpret further. Any information gathered is de-identified as outlined on the consent form to maintain confidentiality.

Background information: Phil has consulted many key stakeholders in preparation for the data collection process including members of his local Iwi, as well as senior nurses, membership of the CDHB Professional Development Recognition Programme Advisory Committee and gaining ethical approval through the University of Otago.

Phil is happy to be contacted via e-mail if required:

Please find consent form for taking part in the research below:

Consent form for particiaption in research.docx

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