Interim year requirements in the case of illness or parental leave

When nurses successful on the PDRP are on parental or extended leave, the nurse is required by NCNZ to still maintain continuing competence requirements for professional development hours, hours worked and assessment against the competencies once they return to work.

The following statements come from the PDRP Policy:

"Consideration given to status on PDRP/QLP during parental leave.
- In the case of parental leave the PDRP/QLP status should remain the same.

- As the applicant starts parental leave they will notify the PDRP/QLP Co-ordinator of their status and they will be placed on suspended status.

- An interim year validation will not be required until they return to work.

- Upon return to work, the applicant meets with their Nurse/Midwifery Manager or DON/DOM to form a development plan to determine how they will meet the interim year revalidation requirements at the next anniversary date."

However, if, the first post leave interim year revalidation requirements are not met, the same process will occur as when the applicant fails to maintain the level of practice (above).

In the case of the applicant taking extended leave for up to one year, the same principle applies as in the case of parental leave.

NOTE: If a nurse is going on parental or extended leave over their 3 yearly expiration date, they are still required to resubmit their portfolio by this date. This is because under the HPCA, Nursing Council audit requirements must still be met, in this case through the PDRP.​


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Page last reviewed: 25 September 2013
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