Non-maintenance of the interim year requirements

​​If the nurse is not verified as having met the interim year requirements and no ​extension has been applied for, the applicant will be removed from the PDRP and any level of practice payment associated with the PDRP will cease. The nurse will no longer be exempt from Nursing Council audit processes.

If the reason the nurse has attempted to verify interim year validation, but the nursing line manager believes that the applicant does not meet the required level of practice, they will then work with the applicant to put together a development plan. If after three months the applicant has not been able to meet these requirements, he/she can choose to either drop a level of practice or come off the PDRP process until able to represent their portfolio for assessment. If the applicant believes they have been unfairly treated, they can then choose to go through the appeals process which is described fully in the PDRP process located on the intranet.

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Page last reviewed: 25 September 2013
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