Postgraduate Education Equivalence

​​​​As part of the national changes to the PDRP postgraduate education has been set at Level 8 and must be relevant to the area of practice. The following would all meet this requirement:

  • Post graduate certificates
  • Postgraduate diploma
  • Masters degree

Our regional PDRP advisory committee has established an educational equivalence committee to provide an option for nurses who have not had access to level 8 education but have achieved the equivalent knowledge, skills and attributes through other pathways. This will reduce barriers for these nurses to apply for equivalency prior to submitting at Expert level on the PDRP. 

Should you wish to apply for consideration of equivalency, you are required to demonstrate within your portfolio the integration of the nursing knowledge at level 8 into your nursing practice. The education pathways you used to achieve this level of knowledge are to be presented to the equivalency committee with your portfolio.

Evidence should include:

  • Post registration experience and education relevant to current area of practice which impacts and influences practice at Expert level;

  • Changes in attitudes and skills which have resulted in improved care delivery; and

  • Demonstration of Expert practice, critical analysis and reflection consistently in nursing practice and evidence throughout portfolio evidence.

How to apply for Equivalency

Please either utilise the equivalency template or type up a letter using the information within the template. Please note, it is required to either have line management or professional leader validation before commencing the application. Please include evidence of this support in your application.

Please discuss application with PDRP co-ordinator from your organisation before submitting.



Please scan and email your application and supporting documents to

Your application will then be forwarded onto the Equivalency Committee. The Equivalency Committee meets up 4 times/year to consider applications.

The dates are set for:


  • 23 February (applications must be received by 9 February) 
  • 31 May (applications must be received by 17 May)
  • 31 August (applications must be received by 17 August)
  • 15 November (applications must be received by 1 November)


  • 15 November (applications must be received by 4 November)

Your application must be received 10 days prior to the Committee meeting date, this is so the Committee have a chance to read through all applications prior to meeting.

There will a maximum of 6 applications considered for equivalency each quarter.

You will be notified that your application has been received and that it is being considered.

Please note: Your PDRP Equivalency application must be successful before submission of your Expert portfolio to the PDRP office.

Members on the committee will include:

  • Director of Nursing Representative

  • Regional partnering organisation representative
  • Senior nurse nominated by the regional DoN group who is an assessor and has obtained a Masters Degree


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Page last reviewed: 04 November 2016
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