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Listed below are useful links for Professional Development.

ABC Smokefree

​In this course for health practitioners, including GPs, Nurses, Midwives, Oral Health Professionals, Mental Health professionals and Pharmacists, you’ll get to see and experience the benefits of using the revised ABC pathway with each of your patients or clients. Non-clincial or non-registered staff may also complete the assessment, however they may not be eligible to become a quit card provider. This course is on the MOH learnOnline site and as such requires you to login.

Advance Care Planning​E-learning site for Advance Care Planning
The Blue Book   

Management Guidelines for common medical conditions. ​

Canterbury Medical Library  

Canterbury Medical Library provides a full range of library services to CDHB staff. This includes access to a wide range of online journals and databases. You will need to be accesssing from a CDHB computer.​

Canterbury West Coast IV Link Staff website

A useful website for IV Link staff with information around their role and audit information and resources.​

Clinical Update (NZ) Ltd   ​

Clinical Update (NZ) Ltd holds training days to up-skill healthcare professionals in topics including Pharmacology, Standing Orders, Diabetes etc.​

CPD4 Nurses Professional Development

CPD4 Nurses assists nurses in achieving professional development requirements.​

ARA Institute of Canterbury

School of Nursing programme for the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice.​

Cultural Competency Training

 eCALDTM provides a range of online and face to face training courses for the New Zealand health workforce to develop CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) cultural competencies.​

Cultural Resources for Health Practitioners

This resource is to provide information to assist practitioners in developing a relevant set of skills for culturally competent practice. There is a self-assessment for cultural competency development, pre-interview checklists and interview guidelines, communication tips and greetings for each culture, tables comparing various aspects of Asian and Western cultures, and how to work effectively with interpreters.​

Diabetes Care ​Self Directed Learning Modules​

Diabetes Care for Primary Health Nurses is an on-line programme that provides self-directed learning modules for primary care nurses.​

Disability Matters

​This site is free and available for all health care professionals and is: Educational, Inspiring, Informative and Inclusive. The aim is to "Together challenge and positively change our own and others fears, ideas and attitudes towards disability and disabled children and young people". 

You will need to login/create an account to access the resources.

Goodfellow Unit

The Goodfellow Unit assists health professionals gain new knowledge and skills to improve health outcomes.  It contains a number of case studies to work through along with online learning programmes. ​

Health Care Assistant Game

​Interactive and fun online game for nursing assistants, health care assistants working in Aged Residential Care.  Please note this is an American site and uses the term CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) to describe a health care assistant.  It is based in an Aged Residential Care Facility and walks you through five residents and challenges which you are required to choose the correct response.  Enoy.

Health Ed Trust New Zealand Inc.   

This website provides distance learning resources to help achieve professional development hours.​

Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre  ​

The HIIRC is your source of knowledge to improve New Zealand's health care system.​

Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003  ​On-line version of the HPCA Act.​
Heart Foundation for Health Professionals

Information on the resources, programmes, courses and guidelines available from the Heart Foundation for Health Professionals.  

Interactive Pharmacology  ​

This site has been designed to increase understanding of concepts and principles in Clinical Pharmacology.​

Intravenous Nursing New Zealand  ​

Provides education to help maintain IV standards.​

Learn Online  ​This website is a vocational training resource hub for health practitioners.​
Learning Radiology   ​

This website provides information on learning the basics of Radiology.​

Mauriora Health Education Research 

This site has a Foundational on-line Cultural Competency Course.​

Medsafe  ​

Medsafe is an on-line library of prescriber updates and data sheets.​


This website provides drug and medication information.​

Ministry of Health Nursing in New Zealand ​

Here you can find information about the work nurses are doing to develop and enhance health services in New Zealand.​

New Zealand Blood Transfusion Service Handbook  

The Transfusion Medicine Handbook is designed to assist health professionals in modern Transfusion Medicine Practice.​

New Zealand Formulary  ​

The NZF is a resource providing healthcare professionals with clinically validated medicines information and guidance on best practice.​

Nurse Oncology Education Programme (NOEP)

Nurse Oncology Education Programme (NOEP) provides FREE evidence-based continuing education to nurses on cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and survivorship. Their goal is to educate all nurses to create changes in nursing practice.  They partner with expert nurse clinicians and faculty from leading academic institutions to develop cutting edge programs, and conduct post-education evaluation and outcome measurement follow up to ensure those programs are effective. Programmes include: Breast cancer, Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer. Note this is an American site and some procedures may differ from care in New Zealand. ​

Nursing Council of New Zealand  ​

For enquiries regarding registration, competence requirements, scopes of practice etc.​

Nursing Entry to Practice  

The NetP Programme is designed to support newly qualified Registered Nurses in their first year of practice.​

Nursing Evidence  ​

A website for nurses in any health care setting who wish to access quality web resources with which to inform their practice.​

Nursing Times On-line Training and Education Packages  ​

Nursing Times Learning offers on-line nurse training courses that are written and reviewed by experts.​

Post Graduate Study Otago University  ​

The Centre is committed to providing relevant courses for nurses wanting to complete post graduate study.​

Professional Development Recognition Programme (PDRP)  ​

This website contains all information on the processes for nurses applying for the Professional Development Recognition Programmes.​

Stroke Resources

​This learning resource is based on the Stroke Core Competencies which were published in 2005. It focuses on a wide range of core knowledge and skills required by all staff when delivering stroke care. Free to register.  

The Red Book  ​

This is the Haematology departmental protocols and guidelines covering all aspects of the Haematology Department's activity.​

The Royal Marsden Nursing Manual  ​

(This website can only be accessed with CDHB computers). The Manual includes procedures from handwashing to cardiopulmonary resuscitation.​

What Smokers Really Want

Smokefree Nurses has launched a continuing professional development package for nurses, you can earn a one hour CPD certificate by watching the short 'What Smokers Really Want' videos and answering questions. The initiative is supported by AUT University, Nursing. To access the CPD click on the below link  What Smokers Really Want website.

After watching the videos and answering the questions you fill out a form with your details. If you answer 80% of the final review questions correctly, you'll be emailed your certificate. If you don't, you'll receive an email with information to help you do better on your next attempt at the questions.


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