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Resources for care givers and other interested people

  • The Mental Health Education and Resource Centre  A no-cost service to the general public with accurate, up-to-date information on a wide range of mental health issues. For those living in Christchurch you can loan books and videos. 

  • Mind Your Head is a multimedia resource designed to inform young people and families, experiencing a first episode psychosis, about psychosis, recovery and interaction with mental health services.  It includes an 18 minute DVD film, featuring 4 young adults discussing their experiences of psychosis and recovery

  • Family Matters DVD with four stories from families of distress, determination and recovery

  • Australian and New Zealand Schizophrenia treatment guide for consumers and carers.

  • Coping with Schizophrenia – a guide for families  By Kim T Mueser & Susan Gingerich

  • Straight talk about mental illness: with emphasis on schizophrenia  By Robert Miller

  • Surviving Schizophrenia; 4th Edition  By E. Fuller Torrey

  • Living well with Schizophrenia- a book full of great ideas for people with schizophrenia By Sandra Miller, Walter Culture, Mark Cruikshank & Maxie Aston

  • The Quiet Room  By Lori Schiller & Amanda Bennett

  • The Way Home – Susie's Story (video- available to borrow from Totara House)

  • "The Secret of the Brain Chip: a self help guide for people experiencing psychosis", by De Hert, Magiels & Thys (2003). Available from Janssen-Cilag.

  • We would also recommend information sheets produced by FADE.  In particular, "Drugs the brain and your mental health", is an excellent resource that our clients find useful. An order form can be obtained via their website.

  • The 'Secret Life of the Brain'- This site includes much of the content of the PBS television special the Secret Life of the Brain. The graphics for the action of dopamine and the anatomy of the brain are excellent. Also talks about the impact of drugs on the brain.


Expert Consensus Guideline Series


Resources for Clinicians


Useful websites

New Zealand

  • First episode psychosis service at St Lukes Community Mental Health Centre in Auckland.

  • Ministry of Youth Development: Find out about the policies, programmes, legislation and services that concern young people in New Zealand.

  • Mindnz A great new resource about psychosis for New Zealanders

  • New Zealand site containing information for young people.

  • Another New Zealand site containing information for young people

  • Youthline  "Our vision is that one-day all young people will be supported to reach their potential and be able to reach help if needed on the Youth Help Line."  We're a crew of over 800 people scattered throughout New Zealand who are trained to support young people as they make their way through the challenges of today.

  • Medsafe  A website listing information about medications for both consumers and clinicians.

  • Like Minds, Like Mine is a public health funded project to reduce the stigma of mental illness and the discrimination that people with experience of mental illness face everyday in the community.

  • Schizophrenia Fellowship (NZ) Inc. "People with serious mental illness are not ill in isolation. Their families, extended whanau, and significant others … cannot escape being affected. The lives of people with serious mental illness are inextricably linked with the lives of those they love and care for, and those who love and care about them …" - Mental Health Commission

Schizophrenia Fellowship (NZ) Inc. recognises and aligns with the above statement and is committed to supporting families and whanau. They have a range of books and information sheets available.

General Websites about psychosis

General Health Websites including information on Psychosis

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