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​"My twins Maggie and Sophie were born at 34 weeks and they weren't prepared to breastfeed. With the help of the Human Donor Milk Bank they could be fed until I had the production they needed. Very pleased with the Human Donor Milk Bank"
- Marie  

"Thank you for the donor milk bank service. It helped both my baby and I during the early days as my volume was not there."
- Serena 

Above: Donor Heidi Berkelaar with her family and some donated breastmilk.

"Personally I think it is such a wonderful idea, it definitely made me feel so  much better knowing my premature girls were getting human milk instead if formula. I personally would love to donate milk if I can and am able to."

"I was a first time mother of twins who were 7 weeks and 3 days early. It was a huge worry but once they were born and doing OK, knowing I needed to get my milk flow going was another worry. But once knowing until this happened my girls were given donated milk, not formula, made that worry go away. Luckily for me I only needed it for 3 days as my own milk was able to keep up with them. Now I already have some frozen milk and am still producing more. I'd love the chance to donate my own milk for other mums, to help stop their worry too."

"I feel that donor milk is really good idea especially for those mothers who struggle to express enough milk at the start."
- 32 week baby mother

Above: Donor Emma Jane McHarg holds bags of donated breastmilk 

"Thank you so much; such a relief knowing my baby wouldn't have to have formula."

"This service is amazing; knowing my baby would still get to benefit from breast milk was a huge relief in an already trying time."
- Mother of 35 week baby.

"We think it's a great option and we really appreciate this service. We felt very comfortable using it."

"Supplying our premature twins with human donor milk was a great option to give them the best milk in the early days when we could not supply our own milk yet. We think it is important to keep things as natural as possible even though our babies probably would not have survived without today's technology."
- Vicky and Christian  

Above: Rebecca and Jesse, donor and recipient hug

"Thank you for having this service available. It was of great comfort knowing he was being fed until my milk came in. It's nice knowing it was best for his tummy"
- Recipient mother of a 34 week baby

"Very grateful to have been able to receive donor milk for my baby girl, especially to establish good gut flora for her first week."

"A very valuable and appreciated service during a difficult time. A great option to be given"
- Cheryl

Above: Donor Kyla Scott with her baby and bags of breastmilk to donate to the Human Milk Bank.

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