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"Keep up the excellent work. We were very impressed with the milk bank. Our baby girl was in NICU very unexpectedly and having donor milk took away a major stress while I waited for my milk to come in. Thanks so much.
After a traumatic birth the stress which prevented my milk supply coming in for nearly a week, we were offered donor milk form the Human Milk Bank This was a huge relief.  After 5 months I am proud that she is still exclusively breast fed and was able to get the best start in life."
- Madelaine

"Could only get donor milk for the first week. Wish we could have had it for longer. Very grateful for the milk and would like to thank all those mothers that donated."
- Sarah

"I had decided to become a donor because when my baby was born, I had trouble feeding her due to her being jaundice and too sleepy to latch.  I had almost had to use donor milk myself until my supply kicked in.  Once it did, I had a lot and wanted to do something with it, so becoming a donor made sense.  The process is great, easy to follow and clear instructions and no pressure at all on how much or how often you donate."
- RebeccaRebecca Waugh v2.jpgAbove: Donor Rebecca Waugh and some donated breastmilk.

"After delivering our son via emergency c-section, our son had a few wee issues which required us to stay in the Christchurch Neonatal Unit.  While there, we were offered the option of donor milk, something we never even knew existed.  Like any new parents, we wanted nothing but the best for our son so we took up the amazing offer of the donor milk.  After 1 week in Christchurch and one night in Ashburton Maternity, we got to go home.  While settling into life with our wee man, I started thinking about the human milk bank and what they did for us.  This prompted me to want to give back, so I decided to become a donor so I too could help other precious little babies.  I am truly honoured to be part of this amazing facility.  A huge heart felt thank you to all the amazing staff of the neonatal unit at Christchurch Women's.  I/we will forever hold this whole experience close to our hearts."
- Cindy

"My daughter, Grace, was born at 25 weeks in the Neonatal Unit.  She is now 41 weeks (1 week post term) and is breastfeeding so well. She has been on and off breast milk and all that time I kept on expressing to keep my milk supply going until she was big enough to transition to full breastmilk. At some points she was on elecare because she couldn't tolerate feeds. I got plenty of EBM to donate to the Human Milk Bank. But the most important reason I donate is because I had another child two and a half years ago, a beautiful 34+6 weeker baby boy. In the first three days my milk supply wasn't that great and I can't keep up with his needs. I am thankful that the milk bank helped me out through the PDM which sustained the feeding needs of my son until such time that I have enough breastmilk for him. This is a way for me to thank that mum who donated her milk for my son."
- Aon Nan
Nan Qu Wang and Grace (Donor).jpg

Above: Donor Ao Nan and some donated breastmilk.

"What a rewarding 10 minutes of my time! I had always considered donating milk to the human milk bank so when my baby number two arrived, and her and I had milk to give it was an easy well worth it decision.  We had such pleasure to be part of the human milk bank.  Thanks to the team"
- Jaclyn
Chisholm Image 18.2.18 v2.jpgAbove: Donor Jaclyn Chisholm and some donated breastmilk.

"Without this service I would have been so upset. I did not want to give my child any formula, so being able to use donor milk meant I could grow and get ahead of him with my own milk supply without any stress.."
- Anonymous

Agnes Tuberi and Adrienne Entese (Donor).jpg
Above: Donor Agnese Entese, family and some donated breastmilk.

Ashleigh Schuyl and Arlo (Donor).jpg
Above: Donor Ashleigh Schuyl and some donated breastmilk.

 Rachael Kavermann.jpg

 Above: Donor Rachael Kavermann and some donated breastmilk.

Above: Donor Heidi Berkelaar with her family and some donated breastmilk.


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