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The Canterbury Neonatal Service provides a holistic family/whānau​ oriented model of care. We view the baby/peepi as being the focus for our planning of care and for this reason, we have incorporated a "Developmentally Supportive Care" philosophy for all our babies/pēpi​.

The Neonatal Service provides 24-hour care for newborn babies with a variety of special needs. This includes prematurity, surgery, congenital abnormalities and babies who may have been compromised at birth.

Care is provided by a skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team utilising current evidence based practice.

Neonatal Visiting Policy

DSCF1229.JPGThis visiting policy has been developed to ensure an optimal safe and secure environment for your baby, by minimising infection risk, protecting family's individual privacy, and providing an environment that promotes baby's well-being and development.

We recommend no more than two people may be at the baby's cot at any one time this includes parents. If you have a specific requirement to increase this to a maximum of three please discuss your needs with the ACNM (Associate clinical nursing manager) on duty. Baby's health and safety can be affected by over stimulation particularly if they are early or unwell. By limiting the number of people at the bedside this reduces noise, activity, infection risk and helps in baby's rest and well-being.

Two family lounges are available and we recommend you use these for longer meetings/catch ups with family and friends.

We encourage families to discuss any special needs you may have about visiting, as changes may be made in special circumstances.

Hands must be washed immediately on entering the unit. This is to prevent the spread of infections that are carried on the skin; in particular colds and flu, which are carried both in the air and on objects such as furniture, hands, baggage, clothing, etc. Sterigel hand rub is also available on your baby's cot.

Parents are welcome 24 hours per day.

For privacy reasons you will be asked to leave the room during the ward round when discussion occurs for a neighbouring baby. Please be aware that there may be times when it is necessary to ask parents to leave the room briefly when immediate privacy is required. You will be asked to please respect the privacy of other families: do not look or ask about other babies here.

All visitors are to be accompanied by a parent. Adult visitors are welcome between 11am-1pm, and again between 3pm-8pm. Please advise friends and family, as this is a change to previous policy. Note if special circumstances exist these can be discussed with the ACNM.

No visitors will be permitted between 1-3pm. This enables parents to spend uninterrupted quiet time with their baby.

Brothers and sisters of all ages are welcome under adult supervision. Other children under 12 years of age are not permitted to visit because of the increased risk of infections in this age group.

We are only able to provide information to parents/guardians.This includes telephone inquiries. This is a legal requirement of the Privacy Act 1993, and ensures confidentiality for all families. Our telephone number is 03 364 4885.

Any visitor with a cough, cold, cold sores, other infection or vomiting and diarrhoea should not visit; this is for the protection of your baby. If you as parents are unwell please discuss this with the nursing staff.

Non-immunised brothers and sisters of babies should not visit if they have any symptoms of any sort, or have been in contact with children with whooping cough, mumps or measles. Contact with chicken pox should be notified to the staff.

We ask that visitors waiting to see a baby stay near reception or in the lounge until you are able to see the baby. Seating is provided there. This helps keep the corridor clear.

Lockers are provided for secure storage – see reception for a key, and coat hooks are available outside room 1, 2 and 4 (Check outside room 6).

Footwear must be worn for your own protection from injury, and to prevent slipping.

In extreme circumstances medical and nursing management reserve the right to close the unit to visitors. Parents will be notified in writing beforehand so they can notify family and friends. Periods when the unit is extremely busy, or when there is a community outbreak of infectious disease would be the likely reason for doing so.

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