Heart Failure Service

​About Cardio/ Respiratory Integrated Specialist Services (CRISS)

  • Heart failure Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) care for new and existing patients who are at risk of admission and provide timely intervention and close monitoring within the Heart Function clinic (OPD) or community setting.

  • Nurse-led Heart Function clinics in collaboration with cardiologists and senior cardiology registrars.

  • CNS provides clinical assessment, monitoring, education and titration of medications.

  • Long- term management planning in collaboration with GP's and community providers.

Guidelines for referral to the heart failure service

  • De novo or existing HF/PAH

  • Require education and reinforcement of self-management strategies and symptom recognition

  • Are at risk of repeat admissions for decompensated HF and are reasonably independent, without multiple co-morbidities

  • Are not on optimal medications

  • Complex HF histories and need regular review and adjustment of therapy and monitoring

  • May benefit from definitive therapies, ie: CRT, AICD, Transplant.

  • May benefit from oxygen supplementation

Contact details

Clinical Nurse Specialists - Heart Failure Service
Phone: Internal: 88303 or External: 64 (3) 364 0167
Fax: Internal: 80849 or External: 64 (3) 3640849
Pager: 5447

Heart Failure Service Staff


Julie Chirnside RN, MHSc (clinical) 

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Heart Failure Service

Mobile: 027 2900820 

jo scott.JPG

Jo Scott MHealSc (clinical)
Clinical Nurse Specialist - Heart Failure Service
Mobile: 027 2235392

  gil shep.JPG

Gill Sheppard RN, BN, Dip Tchg (endorsed in SLT), PG Dip

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Heart Failure Service
Mobile: 027 5537338 

Emma Reeves.jpg

Emma Reeves, RN, BN, PG Cert (critical care)

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Heart Failure Service

Mobile: 027 50131710

Clinical Nurse Specialists - Heart Failure Service
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