Treatment & Care


Inpatient Rehabilitation

Recovery and rehabilitation from an SCI can take a long time. Patients are often in the unit for up to six months (depending...


Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) outpatient services are available to Christchurch based residents who require specialist assessment.


Urology Services

Urology Services include Inpatients, Reassessment and Outpatients services as well as Urology Tests.


Intimacy Clinic

The goal for anyone with a spinal cord injury, as for all people, is to have a fulfilling and productive life. This clinic is...



The Burwood Spinal Unit provides reassessment for people with spinal cord impairment. There are three types of reassessment:...


New Referral and Early Management

The Burwood Spinal Unit (BSU) accepts patients into their service as soon as it is medically safe and practical to do so.



Physiotherapy is an integral part of the rehabilitation process.


Spasticity Clinic

Patients who are having difficulty with spasticity may be referred to the Spasticity Clinic for assessment.


Upper Limb Surgery

The upper limb surgery team (based at the Burwood Spinal Unit) is devoted to improving arm and hand function in people with...


About Us

The Burwood Spinal Unit (BSU) provides services for people with Spinal Cord Impairment (SCI) resulting from accident, illness...


Transitional Rehab

Transitional Rehabilitation (TR) is a programme designed to bridge the gap between being in hospital and returning home.


Useful Links

Useful links to online information and resources about spinal injuries


New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Registry (NZSCIR)

NZSCIR collects information about people who have had a SCI to help improve our understanding of SCI in NZ.

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