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About Maternity Outpatients

Women with straight-forward, low-risk pregnancies may find all the care they need with their Lead Maternity Carer (LMC). But if you face a more complicated pregnancy, you and your LMC may need some extra support that Christchurch Women's Hospital offers. The team is multidisciplinary and combines obstetricians, midwives, dieticians and other clinicians such as social workers.

The Maternity Outpatients Department at Christchurch Women's Hospital includes the Day Assessment Unit and Fetal Maternal Medicine. Maternity clinics are held every weekday and include the General Obstetric Clinic, High Risk Obstetric Clinic, Core Midwifery Clinic, Methadone in Pregnancy Clinic and Anaesthetic Pre-admission Clinic.

The Day Assessment Unit provides care to pregnant women from 22 weeks gestation that have been identified by an obstetrician as requiring extra monitoring during pregnancy. This unit, containing three lazy boy chairs, allows you to remain at home with your family and attend the hospital for appointments to receive the extra monitoring required.

The Fetal Maternal Medicine Unit provides antenatal consultation and review for potential pregnancy problems which are identified from genetic or familial history, ultrasound-diagnosed abnormality, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures (e.g. amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling) and pregnancies complicated by diabetes.

Christchurch Women's Hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialist antenatal services and clinics for women facing more complicated pregnancies and requiring extra support. 

From your first visit to any follow-up appointments and right up until the time you leave our care, your welfare is extremely important to us.   


Ground Floor next to Reception


Maternity Clinics

Phone: 03 364 4454

Fax: 03 364 4301

Diabetes Midwife

Phone: 03 364 4420 (answer machine available after hours)

Antenatal Clinic

Ground Floor,

Christchurch Women's Hospital

Day Assessment Unit

Phone: 03 364 4272

Fax: 03 364 4272

Fetal Medicine Unit

Phone: 03 364 4557

Fax: 03 364 4411

Bookings and appointments

Christchurch Women's Hospital Out-patients holds specialist clinics every day. Your LMC midwife or GP will refer you if you have:

  • a medical condition (e.g. diabetes)

  • a problem in a previous pregnancy

  • problems during their pregnancy

  • a multiple pregnancy

  • any type of pregnancy related problem 

Before you attend an outpatients appointment, you will receive an appointment letter which will tell you the date and time of your appointment as well as the clinic team that will care for you.

If you need to contact the hospital for any reason, please quote your hospital number which you will find on your letter. If you wish to change your appointment, please contact the Maternity Outpatients Department as soon as possible so that the appointment can be offered to another pregnant woman.

Where to go and parking your car

Antenatal Clinics are located on the ground floor of Christchurch Women's Hospital. Clinics operate Monday to Friday. 

Parking is not available on the hospital grounds. Eleven bus routes pass the hospital.  Commercial car parking venues are located among the several nearby blocks. There is also the hospital's Park and Ride transport

Waiting area

Sometimes you may need to attend a clinic appointment with your children. It is important to advise you that there are no childcare facilities available. If you are unable to attend without bringing your children with you, please remember that they are your responsibility.

A small play area is available in the main waiting area. Baby changing facilities are available in the reception area of Outpatients. If you require breastfeeding facilities please let the midwifery or nursing staff know.

There is a small cafe available in the foyer of Christchurch Women's Hospital. There is also a shop at Christchurch Hospital where you can buy newspapers, magazines etc.

There are public phones available in several areas of the hospital. Mobile phones are allowed in public areas, but not in the clinical areas.


Maternity Clinics

Maternity clinics are held four times a week. Pregnant women are referred to these clinics by their LMCs who are welcome to be part of this consultation. The maternity clinics provide each LMC with a letter after each consultation.

Twice a week, obstetric physicians are available at the maternity clinics to see women with medical conditions prior to pregnancy and medical conditions developed during pregnancy.

Diabetes Education Clinics

This is a multi-disciplinary clinic held each Monday with an obstetrician, physician, midwife and dietician. 

Methadone in Pregnancy

These are held each Tuesday with a dedicated midwife and team from Community and Alcohol Services (CADS).

Core Midwifery Clinic

These are held each Wednesday for women who require interpreter services or whose social issues require extra input. Christchurch Women's Hospital do not supply LMCs.

Birth after Caesarean Section Clinic

These are held each Thursday morning. You will be referred here by your LMC or GP early in your pregnancy to discuss mode of birth for this pregnancy. You will be seen by an obstetrician and specialist midwife. 

Anaesthetic Clinic

Prior to your caesarean section, you will be seen in this clinic by a midwife and anaesthetist to complete your pre-admission. 

Day Assessment Unit

Day Assessment Unit is an outpatient assessment area for pregnant women who have antenatal concerns requiring monitoring such as:

  • reduced fetal movements

  • raised blood pressure and/or protein in their urine

  • small babies

  • low iron levels

Your first point of contact for general enquiries and advice about your pregnancy is your LMC. Following a consultation with an obstetric doctor or specialist obstetrician in the maternity clinics, assessment on Birthing Suite or admission to the Maternity Ward, you may be referred to the DAU for increased monitoring of your pregnancy.  Please remember to bring your pregnancy notes with you on every visit.

If you do need to visit the Day Assessment Unit, you will be assessed, examined, treated and advised by midwives where applicable or referred to an obstetrician if necessary. Visiting DAU can prevent an overneight or longer stay in hospital thus allowing you to remain at home longer during your pregnancy.

Location of Day Assessment Unit

The Day Assessment Unit is located on the ground floor of Christchurch Women's Hospital.  

It is easily accessible through the Radiology Department entrance that is to the right of Christchurch Women's Hospital entrance. As your visit should always be pre-arranged, the reception staff will be expecting you. 

Induction of Labour

The Day Assessment Unit also processes referrals for induction of labour provided your pregnancy has been normal. Your LMC will send in a referral form after you are 8 days over your expected date of delivery with the aim to induce you 10 days plus over your expected date of delivery. The referral form requires a Bishop Score (cervical assessment) therefore your LMC will need to perform a vaginal examination to assess your cervix prior to sending in the form. If you have a low Bishop Score, then you may require cervical ripening. Please discuss this with your LMC.

Fetal Medicine

Maternal Fetal Medicine  is a branch of women's health which includes high-risk pregnancy where the mother or baby or both has a problem. The expectation is that your pregnancy will be a happy time without any problems and you will not need fetal medicine services. However, if you do, these services are provided throughout New Zealand.

Visit New Zealand Maternal Fetal Medicine Network

Outpatient services for pregnant women
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