Kaikoura and Hurunui Boil Water Notice Update

Thursday June 15, 2017

People in the Kaikoura and Hurunui Districts are being reminded that over six months on from the November 2016 earthquake, Boil Water Notices remain in place at a number of locations.

Medical Officer of Health Dr Alistair Humphrey says Boil Water Notices resulting from the quake are in place at six Kaikoura District Council water supplies and one Hurunui District Council water supply.

"The Boil Water Notices remain in place because there is still possible bacterial contamination of these supplies. Drinking the water without boiling it first could make you very sick," says Dr Humphrey.

The six Kaikoura District Council supplies with Boil Water Notices place are:

  1. Oaro (approx. 400 residents)

  2. Fernleigh (approx. 150 residents)

  3. Kaikoura Suburban (approx. 25 residents)

  4. Peketa (approx. 100 residents) - this supply suffered significant damage and is unsafe to drink unless boiled

  5. Kincaid (approx. 120 residents)

  6. East Coast Rural (approx. 150 residents)

One Hurunui District Council supply, Waiau Town (approx. 250 residents), has a Boil Water Notice in place as a consequence of the earthquake. Several other Hurunui Council supplies remain on permanent Boil Water Notice:

  1. Hurunui No 1 Rural water (approx. 680 residents)

  2. Kaiwara Rural water (approx. 130 residents)

  3. Blythe Rural water (approx. 40 residents)

  4. Parnassus Rural water (approx. 210 residents)

  5. Waiau Rural water (approx. 500 residents)  

  6. Peaks Rural water (approx. 85 residents)

  7. Lower Waitohi Rural water (approx. 315 residents)

"Boil Water Notices still apply to people living in many parts of the two districts, and to everyone visiting these areas. These supplies are not secure and remain at risk of contamination."

Dr Humphrey is reminding people with their own private water supplies to test these quarterly, after heavy rainfall, and following significant earthquakes.

For the most up to date list of Boil Water Notices visit www.hurunui.govt.nz and www.kaikoura.govt.nz  

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2017
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