Christchurch Outpatients

​​Christchurch Outpatients building will be five storeys high and will provide 10,500m2 of state-of-the-art facilities for outpatient and other clinical services.

Site works began in July 2016 on the St Andrew's Triangle, near the main entrance to Christchurch Hospital. 

The foundation work continues with structural steel for the building framework due on site in early March. A tower crane has been installed to do the heavy lifting.

As with the cranes on the Acute Services site, this tower crane will “weathervane” – align with the wind direction – when not in use. Although the boom of the crane will swing over adjoining roads and part of the hospital site, the loads it lifts are controlled by computer to stay within the boundary of the construction site.​

Facts and figures

  • Project costs are $72 million.

  • The building will be five storeys tall and 10,500sqm in area.

  • It will provide outpatient and other clinical services including among others endocrinology, ophthalmology and dental.

  • It is planned for completion in 2018.​​

​​Watch a timelapse video of progress on the site since the initial ground scrape and beginning of site prep work in August 2016.



Watch the progress of the construction of the Christchurch Hospital Outpatient Services building.​ Webcam images are updated...

Page last reviewed: 16 February 2017
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