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Canterbury DHB Board Elections 2019

About Canterbury DHB Elections

The Board consists of up to 11 members, with seven elected by the residential electors within the Canterbury DHB area every three years, and up to four appointed by the Minister of Health.

Canterbury District Health Board’s (CDHB) 2019 election was held in conjunction with the local authority elections. Election Day was Saturday, 12 October 2019.

Final results are available on and the newly elected / appointed Board takes office on 9 December 2019.

Electoral Donations & Expenses Returns

Peter Ballantyne (200KB, PDF) 

Geoff Booth (130KB, PDF)

Sally-Anne Buck (1MB, PDF)

Catherine Chu (75KB, PDF)

Gray Crawford (150KB, PDF)

Anna Crighton (400KB, PDF)

Alexandra Davids (60KB, PDF)

Andrew Dickerson (750KB, PDF)

John Edie (500KB, PDF)

James Gough (700KB, PDF)

Tubby Hansen (460KB, PDF)

Jo Kane (250KB, PDF)

Aaron Keown (700KB, PDF)

Malcolm Lyall (400KB, PDF)

Naomi Marshall (1.5MB, PDF)

Debbie Mora (85KB, PDF)

Vicky Paton (800KB, PDF)

Rochelle Phipps (500KB, PDF)

Brian Salisbury (400KB, PDF)

Steve Wakefield (760KB, PDF)

Peter Wakeman (450KB, PDF)


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