Canterbury DHB Board Elections 2019

Canterbury DHB Election results

  • Election results will be available on from no earlier than 8.30pm Saturday 12 October 2019. It is expected that progress results will be available on on Saturday evening.
  • Preliminary results are expected to be available on from 6pm Sunday 13 October.
  • Final results are expected to be declared on no earlier than Thursday 17 October.

From 8.30pm Saturday 12 October: view Canterbury DHB board election results on the website.

About Canterbury DHB Elections

The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) election will be held in conjunction with the local authority elections, with Election Day being Saturday, 12 October 2019.

The Board consists of up to 11 members, with seven elected by the residential electors within the Canterbury DHB area every three years, and up to four appointed by the Minister of Health.

The elections will be conducted under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001 (with amendments passed July 2013), the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and the New Zealand Health and Disability Act 2000. Ltd will be conducting the Canterbury DHB election on its behalf in 2019.

Downloadable Information and Nomination Form for Candidates

Candidate Handbook 2019 (PDF, 1.2MB)

MoH Information for Candidates (PDF, 1.4MB)

Key Dates for 2019

From 17 July 2019

Elections will be advertised and nominations called

19 July 2019

Nominations open

16 August 2019

Nominations close at midday

20 September 2019

Voting documents delivered

12 October 2019

Voting closes at midday.  Progress result ASAP thereafter.

By 17 October 2019

Official result released

From 17 October 2019

Official result advertised

9 December 2019

Newly elected and appointed Board members take office

The Voting System

The DHB election uses the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system where voters rank their preferred candidates in order of preference – ie, 1 for the candidate they most prefer, 2 for their next preferred candidate and so on.

Voters can rank as many or as few of the candidates on the voting paper as they wish.  For your vote to count, there should be only one candidate with the figure 1 beside their name.

Up to four other members may be appointed by the Minister of Health to fill any potential gaps in the expertise needed for the DHB to best achieve its functions and objectives.

This process takes place after election day and in time for the appointed members to take office, at the same time as newly elected Board members, on 9 December 2019.

Page last updated: 11 October 2019

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