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Services to people who have a diagnosis of dementia or other age related cognitive impairments

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By 2025, Christchurch demographics will reach its highest number of 80 year olds residents.

  1. How many will be living in Christchurch Retirement and Care homes in their own apartments?
  2. How many will be living in Christchurch suburbs located in the northwest of the city?
  3. What is the 2025 planning for these 80 years who have dementia?
  4. How many will be able to afford the cost of Dementia Care with assets under $22,000 or there about?
  5. How many will be able to afford the costs of Dementia Care if their assets are over $22,000 or thereabouts?
  6. By 2025, will the number of qualified nurses for Older Persons match the needs of our 80 years+ population?
  7. Will Christchurch have sufficient qualified nurses to cater to the needs of our 80+ population?
  8. Should future plans for persons with dementia include more groups catering for 5 day care programmes?
  9. In terms of what Residents Associations and community groups in the North West of Christchurch should be considering to be better aware of the needs of Older People’s Health?


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Page last updated: 26 February 2019

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