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Pests, vermin and infestations in Canterbury DHB facilities

Official information request details

  1. All documents and communications provided to, and created by, Canterbury District Health Board staff or entities, relating to incidents involving insect, vermin or other pest infestation (referred to herein as “infestations”) in DHB facilities or properties for the period of five years to the end of the 2018 calendar year.

    These should include, but are not limited to:

    - A document containing an overall breakdown for the above time period, in Microsoft Excel table format, of infestation incidents; including date, facility(s), type of creature(s), and cost to remedy.
    - Records, documents and communications of any and all complaints made about infestations by members of the public, members of staff, or other parties.
    - The total number of infestation complaints received, broken down by year for the above time period.
    - The total amount spent on infestation remedies, broken down by year, for the above time period.
    - Email or other messaging correspondence relating to infestations for that time period.
    - Any relevant commentary from a representative.


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Page last updated: 16 April 2019

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