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CDHB car parking costs and revenue

Response to official information request

I request the following information for each of the 2015/16, 2016/17, and 2017/18 financial years:

  1. The total revenue from patients and visitors paying to park their vehicles in any DHB parking space.
  2. Are any parking spaces provided to employees? If so, what is the total economic value of the parks?
  3. The total revenue collected from employee parking spaces.
  4. The total number of DHB parking spaces.
  5. The total revenue generated from fines and infringement fees as a result of staff, patients, and visitors parking their vehicles improperly.
  6. The total number of fines and infringement notices issued. Please also disclose the number of fines and infringement notices that were waived.
  7. The total cost of the DHBs parking enforcement system. Please ensure to include any payments or wages made to contractors or staff to patrol the DHB parking spaces.
  8. The current hourly charge for a user to park a vehicle in any DHB parking space. If parking is charged at a time interval other than hourly, please disclose the relevant interval(s) and charge(s).
  9. A list of any parking concession charges or exemptions available to patients or visitors.


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Page last updated: 29 March 2019

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