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Akaroa Community Health Trust

Official information request details

  1. Contract between the Akaroa Community Health Trust (ACHT) and CDHB with regard to the $2.5m to be provided by the trust to the CDHB for the building of the health facility in Akaroa. The agreement may have been entered into by the forerunner of the ACHT, the Akaroa Structure Group.
  2. Lease between the ACHT and the CDHB.
  3. Agreement between the Akaroa community and the CDHB with regard to facilities that the community wants in the Akaroa area. If this is not a formal document then would you please supply a copy of all minutes and documents in relation to this? If you are unsure as to what I am referring to here would you please contact the Hearings Panel convenor, Christchurch City Council as they have published a document stating that such an agreement was reached?



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Page last updated: 23 April 2019

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