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Women transferred to give birth

Official information request details

  1. How many women have been transferred to another city to give birth in the past six months – broken down by month? Why were they taken to another city for the birth i.e. was it due to lack of space
  2. How many women have had to give birth in another city in the past six months because their baby needed care in a neonatal unit and the CWH unit was full? Can you provide numbers broken down by month?
  3. How many women were sent to another city to give birth in 2018, broken down by month?
  4. What cities have women been sent to from Christchurch to give birth?
  5. How many babies that require care are there in the neonatal unit on average?
  6. How long do women and babies remain out of Christchurch for neonatal care before they can return?
  7. Has the Canterbury DHB raised concerns about the capacity of the neonatal unit with the Ministry of Health?


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Page last updated: 15 July 2019

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