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External reviews of Specialist Mental Health 2016-2018

Official information request details

I refer to your email dated 11 September 2019 requesting the following information under the Official Information Act from Canterbury DHB regarding external reviews of Specialist Mental Health Services (SMHS). Specifically:

  1. 2016 January: Office of Auditor General audit
  2. 2017 March: Ministry of Health certification surveillance audit
  3. 2017 May: Christchurch opioid substitution service
  4. 2017 July: AT&R – quality evaluation report
  5. 2017 November: Te Awakura – all wards – Office of the Ombudsman
  6. 2018 June: Ministry of Health certification
  7. 2018 July: Te Whare Manaaki (forensic service); Te Whare Hohou Roki (forensic service); AT&R; PSAID – Office of the Ombudsman
  8. 2018 November: Child and family service – Office of Ombudsman



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Page last updated: 29 October 2019

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