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Māori Mental Health services and information about Psychologists

Summary of official information request

  1. How many Māori are referred to DHB MHAS services in the past year;
  2. What is the average length of engagement;
  3.  What diagnoses do these people present with;
  4. How many Māori are engaged in MHAS psychology services;
  5. How many Māori have requested psychological input, but declined;
  6. How many Māori are on psychology waitlists;
  7. What is the average waiting time for Maori on these psychology waitlists;
  8. How many Māori psychologists are employed by the DHBs;
  9. How many Māori psychologists are employed in a leadership capacity? For example, team leader or above;
  10. How many intern psychologist places do the DHB have;
  11. What is the supervision regime for the intern psychologists;
  12. What is the average length of service of psychologists within the DHB;
  13. How many Psychologists have left the DHB over the last twelve months, what was the reason given for leaving;
  14. How many psychologists are on work visa’s;
  15. How many vacancies for psychologists does the DHB have;
  16. How long have the vacancy’s for psychologists been open;
  17. What current initiatives are in place to provide education inhouse to Psychologists;
  18. What plan is in place to expand FTE for the psychological services;
  19. Are there any psychologists at the DHB employed in the Emergency department;


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Page last updated: 8 September 2020

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