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Ophthalmology referrals and services

Official information request details

  • How are the ophthalmology referrals prioritized?
  • Is there any automatic referral system in place?
  • Are there any standards or operating procedures that are followed while placing referrals from GPs/primary care providers?
  • Can private eye care providers (Specsavers/OPSM etc.) refer a patient to specialist ophthalmologists in CDHB?
  • Can a patient consult with a specialist ophthalmologist at the ED directly without an appointment?
  • If not, can a GP immediately refer a patient to a specialist ophthalmologist at the hospital?
  • Are there any specialist ophthalmologists available at ED 24*7?
  • What criteria are followed in prioritizing the ophthalmology referrals?
  • In 2019-2020, what is the average time taken for a GP referral for different types (serious, moderately serious, and not serious, etc.) priorities to get an appointment with a specialist ophthalmologist / optometrist?
  • How many specialist ophthalmologists and optometrists are practicing in CDHB separately?
  • How many registered ophthalmologists/optometrists are there in whole New Zealand?
  • Were there any steps taken by DHBs across New Zealand to conduct the ophthalmology clinics remotely over tele platforms so that patients get necessary eye care during the different stages of lockdown in New Zealand?


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Page last updated: 30 September 2020

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