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Elective Surgery Outsourcing last five years

Response to official information request

  1. The total number of procedures outsourced by year for the past five years?
  2. For each year provide a breakdown of the type of procedure.
  3. For each year provide the CDHB's total spend.
  4. For the 2018 year to date, provide the total spend broken down by month.
  5. For each year, provide a breakdown of where the procedures were carried out.
  6. The yearly spend for each provider.
  7. Why is the CDHB outsourcing surgeries?
  8. Is part of the motivation to meet the Ministry of Health's targets?
  9. How much does the CDHB budget each year for outsourced surgeries?
  10. Is it confident this figure/spend will come down when the Acute Services Building opens?
  11. When it uses theatre space at a private hospital, what does the CDHB pay for?


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Page last updated: 26 September 2018

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