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Implementation of safer rosters provided by Schedule Ten of the NZRDA and DHB MECA

Response to official information request

Implementation of steps to appoint additional staff required to implement [the safer] rosters” provided by Schedule Ten of the NZRDA & District Health Boards Multi Employer Collective Agreement.

  1. A precise description of each and every step taken since 13 February 2017 by the DHB.
  2. Any and all documents evidencing or in any way related to the additional steps (if any) taken by the DHB since February 2017.
  3. Any and all documents including but not limited to internal and external correspondence and communications.
  4. Any and all financial statements or other documents evidencing or in any way concerning any budgetary or other financial provision made by the DHB since 13 February 2017.


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Page last updated: 8 October 2018

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