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Non resident births in hospitals run by Canterbury DHB and costs

Response to official information request

  • How many non resident women gave birth in hospitals run by the Canterbury DHB in the past five years?
  • Were non residents billed by the DHB for the births, if so how many?
  • Of those billed, how many paid the bill and what was the total each year?
  • What was the cost of the most inexpensive and expensive non resident births for the DHB in the past five years, and were those bills paid?
  • Did the DHB sue any of the non residents for non payment? What was the legal cost to the DHB of pursuing those birth costs?
  • Has the DHB experienced birth tourists as other countries do?
  • Has the DHB ever turned away any expectant mothers because they were non residents?
  • Have any non residents used fake passports or identification?
  • Does the DHB run any fraud type campaign/hotlines to try to stamp out non residency birth non payments/frauds?


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Page last updated: 21 October 2018

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