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COVID-19 Testing

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People with COVID-19 in MIQ

  • How many Covid-19 infected persons in MIQ were admitted to Hospital?
  • How many were put on a respirator.
  • How many died in MIQ?


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Quarantine of Russian Fishermen

All correspondence in 2020 with officials from Managed Isolation and Quarantine; the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; The Ministry of Health, or any other Government ministry regarding the planning and coordination for the stay of 235 foreign fishermen who were granted a border exemption and arrived at the Sudima Hotel MIQ facility on October 16, 2020. My request also covers any correspondence the CDHB had with Sealord, Independent Fisheries and Maruha Nichiro on the the planning and coordination for the MIQ stay of 235 foreign fishermen.


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COVID-19 Tests January 2020 to January 2021

  • How many COVID-19 tests, taken in the CDHB region between 22 January 2020 and today's date 28 January 2021, have been spoiled or damaged?
  • Resulting in those samples not being able to be tested./How were the tests spoiled or damaged?
  • When and where the samples were taken and transported to?
  • What repercussions were there for those involved in the testing process, including the patients affected?
  • How many patients, whose tests were spoiled or damaged, subsequently tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Any and all copies of video and photographs of spoiled or damaged COVID-19 tests.


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PPE for Nurses at Sudima Hotel

Two workers at Sudima who tested positive. Provide a description of the full PPE that the nurses were wearing. Copy of standard operating procedures provided and staff training manuals provided to the nurses for testing Covid infected people.


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International Mariners Quarantine

Managed isolation and quarantine of international mariners including a report related to their stay in October 2020.


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SARS Cov-2 testing on mariners

Regarding the ‘new strain’ of the SARS CoV-2: Has any evidence of that viral strain been forensically checked for, on the 3 vessels involved and were any of the cargos transporting frozen foodstuffs, fluids, chemicals, or containing medical supplies?


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Misconduct of staff at MIQs

  •  The number of staff at managed isolation or quarantine facilities (MIQs) investigated for alleged misconduct, broken down by date, managed isolation facility, the nature of misconduct, whether the misconduct was upheld, any disciplinary action taken, and the nature of the staff member (e.g. NZDF staff member, private security guard etc).
  • An overview of instances where staff at MIQs were investigated for alleged personal impropriety with guests (returnees), broken down by date, managed isolation facility, the nature of misconduct, whether the misconduct was upheld, any disciplinary action taken.


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COVID-19 Testing Protocols

  1. Copies of any protocols developed by, endorsed by or agreed to by Canterbury Health Laboratories  in relation to testing of samples from various patient groups within Canterbury.
  2. A summary of the mean and 90th centile time between sample collection and result reporting for covid-19 nucleic acid testing for samples analysed by Canterbury Health Laboratories. 


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Covid-19 testing

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