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COVID-19 Vaccine

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Vaccination booking system security

All of the Valentia system security reviews and booking system reviews supplied by DHBs to the Ministry.”



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ED admissions subsequent to COVID vaccinations

A&E presentations: 30/7/2021 - 3/8/2021. Please could I have a sex and age break down of causes for all admissions, and numbers thereof, under diagnostic headings, e.g.:

1) blood clots 2) heart issues 3) breathing difficulties, 4) RSV 5) anaphylactic shock 6) Accidents ... etc?

Please can the breakdown include numbers of people whose admissions were subsequent to vaccination and the time frames: a) In the prior 2 weeks, b) the prior week, c) the prior 48 hours, d) The prior 24 hours?



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COVID-19 vaccinations for people in group 3

RE Covid vaccinations Group 3: I would like statistics on whether Group 3 has been effectively prioritised in Christchurch, and specifically East Christchurch. I would also like statistics on those whose bookings were cancelled because of lockdown last week



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COVID Vaccination Programme Pharmacy staff

  • The number of Pharmacy employees at your DHB that are currently seconded to the COVID Vaccination Programme and what their profession is (e.g. Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Assistant etc.).
  • What they were paid prior to their secondment and what they are currently paid under the COVID Vaccination Programme.


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Missed COVID-19 vaccination appointments

The number of scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments that were missed data to date since 1 July 2021 (i.e. since we moved to NIBS National booking system) as per our response to previous requests CDHB 10628



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COVID-19 vaccination rollout targets

  1. Can you provide all correspondence with and reporting to the Ministry of Health in relation to the determination of targets for the vaccination roll-out.



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COVID-19 vaccination rollout

  1. A summary of how many people are in each of the four Covid-19 vaccine rollout groups in areas administered by the CDHB. Additionally, I would like the same summary provided just for the area of greater Christchurch city.
  2. I would also like a weekly breakdown of the number of vaccinations that the CDHB is targeting for each of these groups. This could be provided as a weekly summary of the number of people the CDHB is expecting to be vaccinated in each group, from the beginning of the vaccination programme until the end.



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COVID-19 vaccination programme

  1. All correspondence between the Canterbury Primary Response Group and CDHB staff in the past two months (May, June, July to-date), regarding concerns about the speed rolling out the Covid-19 vaccination programme.
  2. The structure of the team within the CDHB responsible for rolling out the vaccine: number of employees involved, name of team, responsibilities.
  3. I've been told someone organising the rollout was fired/moved aside due to the slow rollout speed. Please provide details of any action taken by the CDHB to discipline staff involved in the rollout, or actions taken to improve the speed of the rollout. 4.Please provide correspondence between the CDHB and MoH staff in the past two months (May, June, July to-date) regarding concerns about the speed of the Covid vaccination roll-out in Canterbury.



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Covid-19 vaccination booking system performance

For the booking system pilot at Kaikōura Vaccination Centre (and any other pilot sites in CDHB), I request copies of all documents that discuss the system's performance and any issues encountered.



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COVID-19 vaccination appointments missed in 2021

The number of scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments that were missed by people for each month to date in 2021.



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COVID-19 vaccine surplus doses

All correspondence by any CDHB staff member about the surplus Covid-19 vaccine doses on the weekend of April 9-11 involved in managing and distributing the vaccine doses during that period including but not limited to:

  • when it was discovered,
  • how the over-supply happened,
  • all discussion about responses to distribute (and not waste) the extra doses.
  • AND all and any correspondence to and from Ralph La Salle, Hannah Gordon and Kim Sinclair-Morris about the surplus supply and its distribution from Friday April 9 to April 18.


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