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Hospital food

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Staff meal entitlements and costs

  • Which staff get meal entitlements?
  • How many staff does this include?
  • What meal entitlements do they get?
  • Are there limits or rules regarding these entitlements. If so, what are they?
  • Could I please have the total amount spent on meal entitlements for staff every year for the last five years?
  • Every year for the last five years could I have how many meal entitlement transactions were made?
  • Of those five transactions, what was purchased in each one?
  • What are the five most popular items that have been ordered in the last year and how many times have they been ordered each?


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Funding for catering services vs youth sexual health services

Annual spend on lunches provided for multi disciplinary team lunchtime meetings for medical and other staff. How much DHB spends over whole organisation? Was cutting that budget considered before cutting the funding for youth sexual health consultations in primary care, in order to cut costs at the DHB?


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Hospital patient meals

Information about the cost and types of food provided by Canterbury DHB.


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Canterbury DHB Healthy Food and Drink Policy

  • Date: 1 Sep 2016
  • Document Type:
  • ID: HP 6456

Healthy Food and Drink Policy , adopted by Canterbury DHB in September 2016


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