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Measles vaccine

Correspondence sent and received by officials responsible for ordering vaccines about the need for more measles vaccines.


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The immunisation status of DHB staff

The immunisation status of medical/DHB staff mentioned as having contracted measles. How many of these and wider cases of DHB staff were vaccinated? How many shots did they receive? How close after the vaccines did they contract the measles?


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Staff and patients with vaccine preventable diseases

How many DHB health workers have contracted vaccine preventable illnesses such as measles, whooping cough or flue while employed by DHB in last decade? Had these workers been vaccinated? How many patients, if any, have contracted vaccine preventable illnesse3s from Health workers or other patients while in hospital in past decade?


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Vaccination rates among health workers

Any information the DHB holds about vaccination / immunisation rates for its health workers.


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Vaccination/Immunisation rates for DHB Health Care workers

Information about vaccination/Immunisation rates for DHB Health Care workers, i.e. midwives, nurses and doctors.


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